Dear friends,

Following the statement, which was released by our Prime Minister today, we have a duty of care to each of you as members of our congregation. Therefore, our services on Sunday will not take place at this present moment, but we will seek to develop a way for a message to still be put online each week for those who have access to the internet.

Events such as, Oasis, Homegroups, Ladies and Men’s Ministry, Children’s work, The Beetle Drive and any other events which have been planned will be postponed until further communications are made around what is safe and appropriate for people to be a part of. 

In light of this, if anyone should desire to meet with others at the church in prayer or praise, then the building will be available for this purpose. Should people require a key to gain access then please contact a member of the Leadership Team.

Please pray for our nation. Please be kind to your community. 

Every Blessing

Iford Leadership Team